“A committed and supportive trainer”

Richard is a great trainer. He has an innate understanding of how to get the best out of both you and your horse and quickly picks up on any issues.

He is a calm and patient teacher and luckily has a great sense of humour (greatly needed with my mare at times!), but he also pushes you to achieve the goals that you have set.

He brings his own considerable experience to any situation and he is a committed and supportive trainer, often going out of his way to help and encourage.

He has been a real help over the last season and I’m looking forward to working towards my first 1* with him over the next year.

Sarah Bowie, January 2015

“Richard has helped me gain confidence”

“Richard is a great trainer to work with. Over a short period of months, he has helped me gain confidence and improve my riding in both Show Jumping and Cross Country.

 Richard is a very patient teacher; he makes lessons fun and interesting and gives you lots of confidence.

Richard is helping me to break down my riding challenges (there are many!!) into small pieces; to understand the issue, start to learn how to correct it and hence improve my riding and my horses way of going.
 A big thank you to Richard for all your support and I am really looking forward to training with you in 2015.”
Caroline Reid-Smith, January 2015  


“Haribo and I started having lessons with Richard 6 months ago, after Haribo bolted and fell while show jumping which resulted in a complete loss of confidence in each other. Richard has been great for both of us, calmly and patiently (Haribo and I can be quite a hot headed pair, we’d test the patience of a saint!) re-visiting the basics and rebuilding the foundations with simple yet effective exercises performed consistently and calmly to reopen the communication and trust between horse and rider.
Richards holistic approach to training has hugely helped, especially as Haribo has an old injury which makes him particularly one-sided, and Richard’s really taken this into consideration and devised exercises to help him. It’s great to have lessons with someone who cares so much about the overall development of horse and rider as well as working towards and achieving goals, lessons always finish on a positive note and then end by discussing exercises which can be used between lessons and how to develop and build on what’s been worked on.
Richard’s sense of humour and unflappability make lessons really fun and enjoyable as well as rewarding and supportive and already I have learned lots of tips and ideas not only to use with Haribo but also for other horses I ride and I’m excited to continue working towards jumping and competing Haribo with him in the coming year.”
Sarah Goldie, January 2015.

“Improved our harmony”

“Rumba and I were finding show jumping a bit of a challenge. In a short space of just a month, Richard has made a huge difference to my (our!) confidence and enjoyment by quietly improving our technique. It’s great to be trained by someone who shows such an interest in what we do and has the ability to adapt his methods to be appropriate to whoever he is teaching.

Richard’s practical and experienced way of teaching has made a significant difference to my whole approach to jumping.  He has patiently encouraged and corrected the way that I ride, so that I now feel a much better harmony with my horse.  This in turn gives us both confidence and that confidence leads to further improvement without getting hung-up on small things.
He uses great examples and analogies to make his points and reminds me that not even the best riders and horses get it right every time, so we probably won’t either.  Crucially, the horse and I are much happier jumping now and since we started working together we have had some of our most fun cross-country rounds.”
Alison Payne, September 2014