“Improved our harmony”

“Rumba and I were finding show jumping a bit of a challenge. In a short space of just a month, Richard has made a huge difference to my (our!) confidence and enjoyment by quietly improving our technique. It’s great to be trained by someone who shows such an interest in what we do and has the ability to adapt his methods to be appropriate to whoever he is teaching.

Richard’s practical and experienced way of teaching has made a significant difference to my whole approach to jumping.  He has patiently encouraged and corrected the way that I ride, so that I now feel a much better harmony with my horse.  This in turn gives us both confidence and that confidence leads to further improvement without getting hung-up on small things.
He uses great examples and analogies to make his points and reminds me that not even the best riders and horses get it right every time, so we probably won’t either.  Crucially, the horse and I are much happier jumping now and since we started working together we have had some of our most fun cross-country rounds.”
Alison Payne, September 2014


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